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Also minority views are sometimes cited as representative of dispensational theology. This is an extremely minority view among dispensationalists, as even a cursory survey of dispensational writers reveals. Although there are some who have done this, within scholarly dispensational works this too is a minority position.

Pre-Millennialism, Post-Millennialism or Amillennialism?

One should note, however, that dispensationalists deserve some of the criticism found in this book. There perhaps has not been an adequate discussion of the role of suffering for the Christian in dispensational theology. Some dispensationalists have an escapist tendency and have viewed the rapture as justification for lack of concern for social ethics. Some dispensationalists did reject or neglect emphasis on the physical and societal needs of people, as Campos argues was often the case in Latin American missions pp.

This book is a helpful explanation and defense of posttribulational premillennialism. It is a good introduction to the biblical and historical support for that position and serves as a good place to start for those who desire to understand it better. Some readers will wish there had been more interaction with other eschatological positions and that the treatment of other premillennialists had been less confrontational or antagonistic.

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Week 2 Classic Premillennialism

Book Reviews. Glenn R. Kreider identifies his motivations as his passion for the triune God and his desire to help others respond to divine revelation in spirit and truth. This then gives me in my opinion the ability to interpret various Old Testament promises in light of the church instead of waiting for the national conversion of Israel to fulfill them for example, Isaiah ; Micah , although it seems plain to me that some passages do predict a full restoration of the nation of Israel Romans To complicate this even further, it is actually possible to hold to this victorious eschatological view with a classical premillennial system albeit not with a hyper-dispensational premillennial system, which depends on the world becoming worse and worse leading to the church being caught up to heaven before the appearance of the Antichrist to allow the , Jewish evangelists to preach the gospel to the nations before the second bodily return of Christ.

Obviously, I am using broad strokes here and am not getting into all the varieties and subsets of each system within dispensationalism there are numerous subsets and varieties; some may even be very similar to non-dispensational views.

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But for the sake of space I am simplifying everything and not getting into technical biblical minutia and all related passages. The following are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the main eschatological millennial systems based on my observation and experience and limited point of view. Classical premillennialism, which is a very common view within the church since its inception, believes that many things taught by Jesus in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 are yet to take place.

However, many believe in the law of double reference in which they believe these passages speak both of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 as well as pointing to the future, as does the book of Revelation. The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is largely new to church history, having been introduced about the year They can also believe in a victorious church. Thus, they are not limited by a belief that they have to wait for the conversion of Israel before the nations can be discipled and reformed for God.

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A Case for Historic Premillennialism | Baker Publishing Group

One strength of this view and the hyper-dispensational view is that it clearly teaches that no human institution including the church is ever going to create a utopian perfect society; we need the Lord Jesus to come to the earth before a perfect society can come. Hence, this keeps adherents depending on God for salvation and total reformation.

Also, their ultra-literal approach to scripture tends to keep them more on the conservative side of biblical belief. In my opinion, the main weakness of this system is that it is not as easy to connect all the victorious eschatological passages with the church. Thus, it can possibly result in some church leaders not attempting to disciple and reform nations and cities, and to just focus on spiritual things. Hyper-Dispensational Premillennialism.

Those with this position also hold to a very literal position in biblical interpretation and usually stay with a conservative posture regarding scripture and biblical inspiration. Sometimes our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. In this system the church seems to be second-class citizens a parenthetical thought according to their interpretation of Daniel awaiting a time when the Jews are converted and begin to evangelize the world many interpret Revelation as the , Jews who convert to Christ and then go out and evangelize the earth before the return of Messiah to rule on the earth.

For most of church history before the mid-nineteenth century most of the church interpreted Daniel as already fulfilled in the sacrificial atonement of Christ and the birth and establishing of the church.

Were the Church Fathers all Premillennial?

Some say the 70 weeks of Daniel ended with the conversion of Paul the apostle three years after Pentecost. Finally, many in this system are constantly looking for signs of the end of the world and fall into the trap of attempting to interpret the Bible and prophecies in light of current events instead of the Reformation and Antiochian hermeneutic of interpreting scripture with scripture.

As a result, we get whacky expositions of certain Old Testament passages and the book of Revelation for example: in one book by Hal Lindsey the locusts of Revelation 9 are taught to be the latest military helicopter the USA created. Furthermore, many opponents of Christianity have attempted to prove Jesus and the apostles and thus scripture were uninspired and in error because they falsely believed that the end of the world was near; 2, years later the world is still here.

This is opposed to the partial preterist view which has a nice answer to this accusation. Many great leaders with this dispensational millennial view Jerry Falwell, I think also Pat Robertson, and many great leaders I know in New York City have in the last several decades done much to reform our nation and their respective communities. Although I believe if one is truly committed to a hyper-dispensational view it is not as easy to be motivated to do this.

This led to a fundamentalist dualism that only spiritual things are important and irrelevancy regarding societal reform resulting in allowing ungodly humanistic leaders to fill in the gaps and take over the elite systems of culture music, art , media, science, education , politics. This is the primary reason I jettisoned this eschatological view in , after 17 years of studying and teaching it. The main strength of postmillennialism is that it takes the Cultural Commission of Genesis seriously, which motivates adherents to not only win individual souls but to restore cities Isaiah and disciple nations Matthew This results in much political activism and nurturing of world-class leaders who will influence every cultural mountain for God.

Whereas white premillennialists fixated on European developments in light of prophecy, black premillennialists focused attention on the prophetic destiny of Ethiopia. For both white and black evangelicals, premillennialism offered a compelling framework to interpret real world events in terms of community priorities, and it acted as a bulwark against modernist biblical criticism and liberal Protestantism.

This narrative, Sutton asserts, does not account for the fact that premillennialism remained popular through these changes.

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  • But especially in the postwar period, dispensationalist premillennialism was seen by many evangelicals as a major obstacle. While historic premillennialists would come to dominate evangelical scholarship and theology, dispensationalism would be pushed into popular mediums and gain an unprecedented cultural resonance in the late-twentieth century. These developments would have been surprising to premillennialists in the s. The decade represented a golden age of dispensational theological production.

    That same decade, Charles Feinberg, a Dallas graduate and former professor, helped found the dispensationalist Talbot Theological Seminary in Southern California. Moody Bible Institute and Grace Theological Seminary also promoted distinguished dispensationalist scholars. At the same time, however, George Eldon Ladd, a theologian who helped found Fuller Theological Seminary , began to attack this reigning dispensationalist school from the direction of scholarship. Though Ladd was a scholar and not a preacher or denominational leader, his work has had a profound influence on evangelical thinking.

    An Alternative to “Left Behind” Eschatology

    In , Ladd published a book titled The Blessed Hope. Frank Norris, J. For historic premillennialists, the rapture was no imminent event, but occurred after the rise, reign, and defeat of the Antichrist. Ladd saw the fate of the Kingdom of God in the balance.

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