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Arnold Williams. The officers did attempt to deploy Tasers twice and it appears one may have taken effect. Arnold Williams says that's when the man, who was walking the dog, let go of the leash.

Williams says officers did everything in their power to avoid shooting the dog. He says they spent 20 minutes pleading with the man to secure it. The man was then taken into custody on felony warrants aggravated assault and domestic violence. What a disgusting piece of shot that pig cop is for killing that dog!! Cops use0 their uniform and badge as an excuse to do such racist crimes, I bet if the owners were white that dog would not have been so brutally killed!! Piece of shot pig!!!!! Retired Deputy Sheriff replying. Piss poor training.

No idea what these 2 keystone cops were up to. That and there was a Federal Appelate decision right there in MI against the city of Detroit PD that cops cant go around shooting dogs they way they are known to do. Seriously, your state has mental problems!

No-Kill for Cats and Dogs in America’s Shelters

Good job Officers! You had every right to shoot that dangerous and aggressive pit bull. I've started trying to intervene, but it's not always easy; he sees them from hundreds of yards away and moves much, much quicker than I can.

  1. Officials order all dog owners to KILL their pets or face 'death squads' armed with clubs.
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  8. Besides, what I like about dogs is that, however domesticated they may seem, they have wild hearts; to stop Tim hunting — if that's possible — would mean suppressing something essential. Coming to dog-owning in midlife, I have been surprised to find how many people in this nation of animal-lovers only really love animals when they behave like small furry humans — hygienic, chaste, polite.

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    I want my dog to act like a dog; but it does seem tough on the squirrels. Topics Pets Shortcuts.

    Should It Be Legal to Kill Your Own Pet? | Psychology Today

    Animals Wildlife Dogs features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. The very brightest dogs, border collies, have an IQ and vocabulary similar to a three-year-old child. A mute, excitable, blindly trusting and ever-so-slightly-backwards child. A vicious, nasty, psychotic oxygen thief without any human merit.

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    Such people make bad neighbours, bad parents, bad co-workers, crazed dictators and truly appalling concentration camp guards. And Jeremy Lauwers should be shown that nice humans catch the bad ones and make them stop. News opinion. By Fleet Street Fox Columnist. Despicable: Killing an animal should carry a strong sentence, says Fleet Street Fox Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters.

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